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Japan Studies Association of Canada / Association canadienne d'études sur le Japon

カナダ日本研究学会   Virtual Home for the Japan Studies Association of Canada

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 JSAC Archive

JSAC-Japan Foundation Lecture Series

'Brewed in Japan'. Special JSAC/Japan Foundation Toronto Lecture by Jeffrey Alexander, February 12, 2015 at Saint Mary's UniversityLink
'Japan’s Entry into International Society' by Professor Tomoko Okagaki, Dokkyo University:  Link
'Planning For Smart Cities in Japan' by Professor Hidefumi Imura (March 1st, 2016, UBC): Link
"Japan’s 'Quality Service': Can Omotenashi be a Source of Japan’s Soft Power?" by Professor Takamichi (Tam) Mito, Kwansei Gakuin University (November 8, 2016, UBC) : Link
"How Much Difference is There Between Japan and China in Terms of Aesthetics?" by Professor Masahiro Hamashita, at Centre for Japanese Research, UBC, February 7, 2017: Link
Books, journals, articles, talks, etc. by members of JSAC:
  • Article: 'The dangerous false fear of Japanese militarism' by David Welch: EN Link JP Link
  • Interview: 'PM Abe's electoral strategy and Abenomics' by Stephen Robert Nagy: Video Link
  • Interview: ジョーゼフ・キャ ロン氏 「変化を方向づける年」 2015朝日新聞 鏡の中の日 本戦後70年 世界からのメッセージ: Link (pdf.)   Link (htm)
  • Article: 'Japan's most significant year' by Joseph Caron: Link
  • Article: 「日中韓和解のカギは、互いの「自己評価」を認め合うこと」 by Stephen R. Nagy: Link
  • Article: 'Is Japan really tilting to the right?' by Stephen R. Nagy: Link
  • Article: 'A persistent problem' by Stephen R. Nagy: Link
  • Article: 「日中韓は不毛な 「歴史 修正競争」に歯止めを」 by Stephen Nagy: Link
  • Article: 'What Canadians Need to Know about Today’s Japan: Because it's 2016' by Joseph Caron: Link
  • Article: There's still time to save the TPP by Joseph Caron: Link
  • Article: Japan, Canada and the TPP: Link
  • Journal: Journal Of International and Advanced Japanese Studies, Volume 9 (2016-17), University of Tsukuba: Link
  • Article: 'Canada in the U.S.-China crossfire' by Joseph Caron: Link
Japan-related talks, lectures, interview, article, etc.:
  • University of British Columbia appoints Santa J. Ono as its first president of Japanese descent: Link
  • Lynne Kutsukake, writer, won Canada-Japan Literary Award ($10,000) for her work 'The Translation of Love': Link
  • Bill 79, Nanjing Massacre Commemorative Day Act, 2016: Link
  • Morimoto Gakuen scandal, The Japan Times: Link
  • A scandal over schools, land and nationalism in Japan, BBC : Link
  • Globe & Mail Article on John F. Howse: Link 

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