Conference Proceedings: Selected Papers
JSAC2020 ad hoc online conference: October 17 & 18, 2020

Compiled by Norio Ota, York University

Table of Contents

Author: David W. Edgington, Professor Emeritus, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia

Title of Paper: Planning for Earthquakes and Tsunamis: Lessons from Japan for British Columbia


Author: Henry H. Tsang, RAIC Centre for Architecture, Athabasca University

Title of Paper: Designing Japanese Identity and Culture in Canadian Architecture - Study of the Architectural Design of Asian Cultural Centres in Canada


Author: X. Jie Yang, University of Calgary

Title of Paper: A Manga-translation of Visual Commentary on Tsurezuregusa


Author: Jay Goulding, York University

Title of Paper: Heideggerfs Japanese Interlocutors Revisited


Author: Maxime Marcotte Bouthillier, York University

Title of Paper: Lessons from Zen and Poetry: A Critique of Anthropocentricism


Author: Christopher Satoor, York University

Title of Paper: The Japanese Schelling: Nishtani Keiji, Freedom, Mysticism, and the Center as the Grounds of Being


Author: Tyler Correia, York University

Title of Paper: Disapparition II: Derridafs (Impossible) Intercultural Dialogue in Japan


Author: Tom Waldichuk, Thompson Rivers University

Title of Paper: Virtual Interdisciplinary Japan Field Trips


Conference organizer's comments:

I would like to thank the above seven scholars for submitting the final versions of their papers presented at the JSAC2020 ad hoc online conference.
I was pleased to hear from many participants that the first online JSAC conference was very successful. We had many interesting papers and lively discussions as well.
At this stage, I have decided not to try to write any cohesive summary, because I am not qualified to comment on each paper. However, I am planning to ask experts in
relevant fields to read papers and send me their remarks in the future. I would appreciate your comments as well.
The above authors are free to publish their papers anywhere else.
These papers are needless to say copyrighted by each author. Please observe the copyright law.

I would still accept papers for this web publication. Please contact Norio Ota.

Thank you.

Norio Ota
Secretary-Treasurer, JSAC