JSAC 2016 Annual General Meeting

12:30p.m.-1:30p.m., Saturday October 15th, 2016.

Room 105, the Peter Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia.

Officers present:  David Edginton (President), Norio Ota (Treasure), Fumiko Ikawa, Tom Waldichuk, James Tiessen

1.         Approval of Agenda

Fumiko Ikawa moved that the Agenda be accepted.  Seconded by Dick Beason.  Passed

2.         2015 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Ken Coates moved that that the 2015 AGM Minutes be accepted.  Seconded by Brian Pendleton.  Passed.

3.         Presidentfs Address (David Edginton)

Two publications from 2015 Conference, Tokyo University Social Science Institute publication (thank you to Jackie Steele).  Also a collection posted on the website.

Introduced regular newsletter.  Norio updated website and made it better. 

Every year JSAC spends about $2,500, jointly with Japan Foundation Toronto, to invite Japanese scholars to do lectures in Canada.  Two last year, with webinars, in Vancouver.  Professor Ito from Kwansei Gakuen and a proposal for a scholar to bring in Spring 2016.

David thanked executive for their support during his term. 

Teri Jane Bryant moved to accept the Presidentfs report.  Seconded by Carin Holroyd.  

4.         Treasurer/Secretaryfs Report (Norio Ota)

 JSAC spent the money raised 2015 for the Conference held in Tokyo.  Employed assistants for administration.  Balance was in $114.67.

Current balance JSAC $25,951.07 on Oct 7, 2016.

 Norio Ota has agreed to continue 4 years as treasurer.

5.         2015 JSAC Conference Report (Norio Ota)

Run by David Edgington and Norio Ota at Canadian Embassy in Japan. Peak day, more than 130 participants.  The Liaison at the Embassy said that they were impressed with the Conference, and therefore JSAC would be welcome to conduct a conference there in the future.

It was truly an international conference. 

6.         Introduction to Incoming JSAC President Carin Holroyd (David Edginton/Carin Holroyd)

David Edgington introduced Carin Holroyd.

Norio Ota thanked David for his contributions.  Carin recognized Davidfs work and thanked him.  Thanks to Dr. Matsui for hosting the conference this year.  Dr. Matsui thanked Norio. 

Carin thanked JSAC for electing her as President and discussed the following:

Upcoming JSAC conferences 

i.  2017 -  University of Toronto.  It will be the  30th JSAC conference  

ii. 2018 - Mount Alison.  Tim welcomed JSAC to Mt Alison for 2018. 

Aiming to have another international conference in 2021.

Other initiatives

Want to continue the speaker series.  A focus will be on selecting good speakers.  A key point is to ensure speakers know their audience typically is well informed about Japan.

The newsletter will continue twice a year.

Create database of Japan studies people in Canada

Considering recognizing contributors to JSAC at universities, highlighting when they retire.  Also want to develop awards

7.         Other business

Tom Waldichuk announced the winner of the Klaus Pringsheim Award for the best PhD presentation: Saeko Suzuki.

Milllie Creighton suggested an undergraduate paper prize. 

8.  Motion to adjourn. 

David Edginton moved to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Tom Waldichuk 

Minutes recorded by James Tiessen.