Prince Takamado Japan Centre is pleased to host its second webinar of our series, "The Ageing Society in the Era of Pandemics: Approaches in Japan and Canada" 
Series 2: Seniors’ Life and Care during COVID-19  
Sponsored by the Consulate General of Japan in Calgary 

A dialogue between Dr. Reiko Hayashi, Deputy Director-General of Japan’s National Institute of Population and Social Security Research (IPSS)
Dr. Jasneet Parmar MBBS, M.Sc., MCFP (COE) , Specialized Geriatrics Program Associate Professor, Dept. of Family Medicine, U of Alberta Medical Lead, Alberta Health Services,  Edmonton Zone Home Living and Transitions

Monday 23 November 2020, 6:00 pm  (MST)
Tuesday 24 November 2020, 10:30 am (Japan)

Please register by Monday, November 16 at : https://forms.gle/od8XLYGJ7KMRHdcm6 
For more information email: ptjc@ualberta.ca
or visit our website at : https://www.ualberta.ca/prince-takamado-japan-centre/news/2020/november/event-webiner.html

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