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Japan Studies Association of Canada / Association canadienne d'études sur le Japon

カナダ日本研究学会   Virtual Home for the Japan Studies Association of Canada

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The purpose of the Japan Studies Association of Canada (JSAC) is to promote Japan Studies in Canada and to contribute towards increase in knowledge about Japan and Canada-Japan relations by:
  • Encouraging Canadian scholars and other interested persons to conduct research on Japan in all academic fields;
  • Sponsoring conferences and publishing proceedings of the conferences and other papers;
  • Encouraging Japanese scholars and any person interested in Japan studies to share their knowledge with the members of the Association.
Message from the JSAC President: text (new)
David Edgington                                                                    
David Edgington
Department of Geography University of British Columbia 1984 West Mall, Vancouver BC, Canada V6T1Z2 Tel: 1-604-822-5612 Fax: 1-604-822-6150
  • Article: 'Conservatives’ insular mindset doesn’t fit today’s global reality' by Joseph Caron: Link
  • interview: 「アベノミクスと隣人外交」朝日新聞 元駐日カナダ大使ジョー ゼフ・キャロン氏: Link
  • Interview: 'Japan must abandon island-nation mentality, take advantage of China’s growth' by Joseph Caron: Link
  • Interview: 'Japan must continue apologizing for war atrocities' by Ezra Vogel: Link
  • Talk: 'The Nikkei and the LARA Postwar Relief Efforts to Japan' by Prof. Masako Iino: Video Link
  • The Japan Foundation Program Guidelines for 2015-16: Link
    • Japanese Studies & Intellectual Exchange: Link
    • Japanese Language: Link
    • Arts & Culture: Link
    • Performing Arts: Link
  • Article: 'The dangerous false fear of Japanese militarism' by David Welch: EN Link JP Link
  • Inaugural Newsletter, Fall 2014: Link
  • JSAC20114_photos (OneDrive): Link
  • Professor Ken Coates and Professor Jacob Kovalio received 2014 Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendation. Congratulations!!!: Link (Coates)  Link (Kovalio) 
  • Professor Michael W. Donnelly was awarded The Order of the Rising Sun. Congratulations!!!: Link
  • Interview: 'PM Abe's electoral strategy and Abenomics' by Stephen Robert Nagy: Video Link
  • JSAC2012-13 Proceedings publication: Link
  • Interview: ジョーゼフ・キャ ロン氏 「変化を方向づける年」 2015朝日新聞 鏡の中の日 本戦後70年 世界からのメッセージ: Link (pdf.)   Link (htm)
  • Article: 'Japan's most significant year' by Joseph Caron: Link
  • Online Lecture: 'Brewed in Japan'. Special JSAC/Japan Foundation Toronto Lecture by Jeffrey Alexander, February 12, 2015 at Saint Mary's UniversityVideo Link
  • Talk: Japan Foundation Toronto event: 'Let’s Play! Video game development in Canada & Japan' by Atsuo Nakayama (Bandai Namco) & Daniel Epstein (Sheridan College)  Tuesday, March 10, 2015: 6:30 p.m.: Link
  • Talk: Japan Foundation Toronto event: 'Why States Solicit Citizen Input: The introduction of jury systems in Japan & East Asia' by Professor Rieko Kage (University of Tokyo)  Tuesday, March 24, 2015: 6:30 p.m.: Link
  • Newsletter, Spring 2015: Link
  • Job opportunity at the Japan Foundation Toronto: Link 
  • Japan Foundation Local  Grants: Link
  • Job opportunity at the Japan Foundation Toronto: Link
  • Article: 「日中韓和解のカギは、互いの「自己評価」を認め合うこと」 by Stephen R. Nagy: Link
  • Article: 'Is Japan really tilting to the right?' by Stephen R. Nagy: Link
  • Article: 'A persistent problem' by Stephen R. Nagy: Link
  • Norio Ota receives 2015 Japanese Foreign Minister's CommendationLink
  • Talk on webinar 'Japan’s Entry into International Society' by Professor Tomoko Okagaki, Dokkyo University Link
  • Article: 「日中韓は不毛な「歴史修正競争」に歯止めを」 by Stephen Nagy: Link
  • Prof. Ken Coates elected to be fellow of the Royal Society of Canada: Link
  • Newsletter, Fall 2015: Link

Conference Info

The 2015 JSAC International Conference at the Embassy of Canada to Japan and at Chuo University in Tokyo on May 20-23, 2015, was organized and hosted by Prof. David Edgington and Norio Ota. It was a very successful one. Thank you very much for those who participated in the conference and those who assisted us to make it very meaningful and exciting one.  

  • Conference web site  (created and maintained by Mr. Filipe Medeiros, York University)
  • Second Call for papers (submission closed)
  • Conference Program (May 20, 2015)
  • Entire Program (for print) - designed and compiled by Ms. TK Chan (a graduate of York University)
  • Keynote speeches
    • Mr. Jon Heese: English is Spoken Here: The Challenge of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Video Link
    • Professor Masako Iino (Tsuda College, JACS): Japanese Canadians and Their Identity (we apologize for the first part missing due to a technical problem): Video Link
  • Airfare reimbursement information (submission deadline - June 30, 2015) : Link
  • Questionnaire (to be closed on June 30, 2015, submit only once, anonymity secured): Link
  • Conference photos contributed by Norio Ota and X. Jie Yang on OneDrive (please send us your photos): Link
  • Instructions for publication of the conference proceedings: Link
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